Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

Apache's Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP) provides two ways for shareholders of record to purchase additional shares of Apache common stock.

  • Automatically reinvest all or a portion of the cash dividends paid on Apache's common stock; and/or 
  • Make additional direct cash investments from $50 to $25,000 per calendar quarter in Apache stock.



The important first step is making sure you are a shareholder of record, meaning that your stock is held in your name, directly on the records of Apache’s transfer agent, EQ Shareowner Services. To participate in the plan, you must have at least one share of stock held in your name with Wells Fargo. Note that you cannot purchase your first share through the DRIP program.

Beneficial owners, whose shares of Apache stock are held for them in “street name” by brokers, bank nominees or trustees, are not shareholders of record; however, they can have the shares they wish to enroll in the plan transferred into their own names. Please consult your broker or trustee for further information on this step; any fees and paperwork requirements are established by brokers and trustees, not by Apache or Wells Fargo.

Shareholders of record may THEN enroll in the plan in one of two ways:

  1. Complete an authorization card. To request a plan authorization card, please contact EQ Shareowner Services, the plan agent, by phone or mail:

    EQ Shareowner Services
    P.O. Box 64856
    St. Paul, MN 55164-0854
    1 800 468 9716
  2. Enroll online at www.shareowneronline.com and click “Account Access.” Next, click on the box labeled “First Time Visitor,” then click on “New Member Sign-Up” and follow the instructions provided.

If you've never accessed your account online, click on “First Time Visitor Sign Up” to get started.


For more information

Please refer to the Apache DRIP Brochure for more information about the plan.

A plan authorization card can be obtained only from EQ Shareowner Services as described above.